Chris Pearson

Basketball in England is sadly undeveloped.

A young British basketball player’s primary ambition is always to get out of the country, which is a terrible shame.

This is not true for other sports or in other countries.  All EU nations have strong leagues and the opportunity for their elite players to perform in front of crowded arenas while earning six-figure salaries.

I’m well positioned to understand these contrasts.  I’m British born and raised but went to the USA aged 18 on a basketball scholarship then played professionally in France and Italy for 8 years because I could earn more than would be available back home.  I then stayed in Italy working as a basketball agent for several years. 

As a teenager, I was often in trouble and was excluded from one school but basketball saved me.  It could do the same for many other young people, especially in the inner-cities, if only it was developed properly.

Over the years many people have made the same observations but no one has been able to find a solution. 

I hope that this contest will shine some light on our sport.