32 bars or two verses

Use your own instrumental or the one provided here

Write your own hook or use the one provided here

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Address at least one of these key points:

  1. Basketball is underfunded in England

2. Basketball opportunities could keep young people off the streets

3. Basketball is unfairly treated in England

4. The media is biased against basketball in England

5. It’s a tragedy that the only way to be a successful British basketball player is to leave the country, leaving family and home behind

6. Basketball is a modern, urban sport and the UK is lagging behind on showing love

7. Sports like rowing, cricket, fencing, archery, shooting and badminton are prioritised over basketball in England

8. There is an exodus of good role-models leaving the country and leaving their families behind to play basketball in other countries because there are no opportunities for them in the UK

9. There’s not enough access to gyms for young people in England who want to play basketball, especially in the inner-cities and especially at night